Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hemp Products and BumGenius

Hemp products are finally back!!
Great news! Our long awaited hemp products that have been out of stock for weeks now will be restocked by the end of this week. These products are: Sugar Peas hemp fitted diapers and all JamTots hemps inserts and doublers.

Price changes on Hemp Products
Please note that due to hemp shortages, some of our prices on certain hemp products have had to be increased slightly. These prices effect all Sugar Peas Hemp products and JamTots hemp products. Thank you for your understanding.

BumGenius AIO Diapers
After unexpected delays at the manufacturer's level, the bumGenius AIO diapers are now scheduled to arrive sometime in early August. We apologize for this, but unfortunately we have no control over these delays.

Thank you and hope you are enjoying your summer!