Friday, July 31, 2009

Contest and new products: Planet Wise wet/dry bags & MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats

Before we leave for our family vacation, we are excited to bring you these two awesome new products as well as our first contest!

1) Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bags - these come in great stylish designs and feature two separate pockets. One for your dry items and one for your wet/soiled items. It also features a snap handle for easy carrying. You will love how handy these are. They can fit 6-8 diapers. You can use one pocket for clean diapers and one for the dirty ones. For a quick trip you could just bring this bag with you and put your keys, wallet, fresh diaper, clean wipes in the dry section and use the wet section for your soiled diapers! Have a peek at our website for more details.

2) MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats - this creative, fun product is our favorite latest discovery plus they are made in Canada! They are so cute, so soft, fun and practical. Every breastfeeding Moms should have one! For more information click here.

We also wanted to let you know that we are leaving on a family vacation on August 1st and we will be back on August 16th. Business continues as usual except that all in stock orders will ship upon our return. Any out of stock items ordered will be ordered for you upon our return as well. All emails and telephone calls will be replied to upon our return. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Lastly as we try to reach more and more of you with our blog, we would like to open our first contest for all of you readers while we are away on vacation. Here are the details. Every reader can enter their name in the contest 3 times.

How to enter?

1) Leave us a comment about one of the new products we have recently added to our store - see recent blog posts for latest new products. Tell us which one is your favorite and why.

2) Sign up as a follower of our blog

3) Follow us on Twitter at

What's the prize?

The lucky winner will choose between a Planet Wise wet/dry bag (choice of in stock colors) or 10% off their next purchase at

All entries must be in by August 15th.

Good Luck to everyone! We look forward to reading all of your entries on our return from vacation as well as announcing the lucky winner!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on new products at Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Hello everyone

Rain, rain and more rain! It is not shaping up to be much of a summer unfortunately. I hope that you are able to enjoy it nonetheless by finding great innovative activities to do inside as a family. My eldest son is into Thomas the tank engine so we have been building him these huge train tracks and that seems to keep him (and Daddy) occupied when it is wet outside.

On another note, we have again added some GREAT new products to our inventory at Ottawa Cloth Diapers and so we wanted to give you a brief update about these in our blog.

1) Dimpleskins Naturals Skin Care products
We are now carrying the Dimpleskins line of natural skin care products such as their popular cloth diaper safe Bum Bum Balm, the sweet cheeks body balm and a great gift set that includes trial sizes of Sweet Cheeks, Bum Bum Balm, Cradle Me, and a full size tube of Kiss Me Baby Lip Balm (makes a great baby gift!). Dimpleskins products are all handmade and includes only pure, organic, cruelty-free ingredients. Plus they are made in Canada! You will find these at Ottawa Cloth Diapers under the headings Natural Skin Products as well as Diapering Accessories.

2) Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fitted Diapers!
These are so YUMMY!! They are super soft, and beautiful and made of organic bamboo. SUPER absorbent, they are awesome night time diapers. They have even been nicknamed the "magic diaper" they are so great. You will love them so much that you will want to use them all day long! A bit of a more expensive diaper but definitely worth it for the luxurious fabric, quality and effectiveness. Check these out under our fitted diapers at Ottawa Cloth Diapers. They come in natural as well as 3 beautiful rich colors. Plus what is awesome about this company, a tree is planted for every sustainablebabyish cloth diaper that is purchased: one diaper, one tree! The diapers are not in stock yet at Ottawa Cloth Diapers. We expect our first shipment sometime in August/September. You can however place a pre-order. We will only have a small number in this first shipment.

3) DryBees Gone Natural Bamboo Fitted Diapers
Another awesome bamboo diaper. Super soft and fluffy. Also awesome for night time as bamboo is so absorbent. Natural color with colored stitching, these can also be dyed for cute one-of-a-kind colors. Check these out under our fitted diapers at Ottawa Cloth Diapers.

4) Baby Bistro Boxes
These make great gifts and are a "must have" products for every new parent. They include all of the nutritional information you need for your 0-12 month old as well as your picky toddler from 1-3yrs. They include tips, recipes, safety rules and more. Go to Ottawa Cloth Diapers "Must Have Baby Products" section for more information.

That's it for now! We hope that you will enjoy these great new produtcs. Let us know what you think and stay tuned for other great products coming soon.

We would love your comments on any of these products. Tell us which one you find the most interesting and why.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our favorite diaper!

Hello everyone

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Unfortunately it is already over - time to get back to work! I decided that for this week's post I would try to answer one question that I often get from my customers. "What is your favorite diaper?"

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by my customers is "What is your favorite diaper?" I find that hard to answer because it all depends on when and where and on which child I am using the diaper for. But here is an attempt to answer the question for you ...

In general, my favorite daytime diapers are pocket and All-In-Ones. AIO's are super practical when we go out or when my eldest son goes to daycare. However because they take longer to dry, I use a mix of pocket and All-In-Ones during the day this way I always have pocket diapers ready when my AIO's are still drying.

If I were to pick a favorite pocket diaper, for my oldest son (22 months) it would be the bumGenius one-size pocket. It lasts us 3-4 hours and is very reliable with very rarely any leaks. My favorite pocket diaper for our youngest son (4.5 months) would be the Annie Marie Padorie sized duo pocket (I'm not a big fan of one-size diapers until the child is at least 15 pounds and more). I love the AMP with a bamboo insert, it is so trim. And I really like adjusting the leg and waist with the snap closures.

My favorite AIO for both our sons is the AMP stay dry AIO. It is just such a great fit, it is very reliable for 3-4 hours with no leaks and it doesn't take that long to dry compared to other AIO's.

Now for night time, my ultimate favorite diaper for both our sons is a Bamboozle fitted diaper with a Stacinator So Simple cover. Both our boys can last 12-13hours in this combination with no leaks! Even better than a disposable (yuk!). It is just an awesome combination. I love the bamboo fabric as it is a all natural fabric, breathable and anti-bacterial which makes it great for being on a baby for so long. The So Simple cover's fleece bands at the thighs and waist guarantees me no red marks on my sons' skin and super coverage on top of any fitted diaper. This cover is my FAVORITE cover for night time even better than wool which we also use for night time (stay tuned for new wool products coming to our store soon!).

So in "short" those are my favorite diapers. However I love variety so I use all of the diapers that are sold in our store PLUS others that I have tried/tested. We are constantly trying out new products for the store so we have many other diapers in our stash. Some we are planning on adding into the store soon and others that we have decided were not worth it for various reasons.
Hopefully you have also found your favorite diaper. I always tell my customers that even if I adore diaper x it does not mean they will also like it. Every child is different. To sum up this post, we would LOVE to hear from you about what works best for your family whether it is something that we sell or not. We are always open to new products so please share!

I wanted to share a picture of one of my sons wearing one of the above diapers but I coudn't find any and they are both in bed :) so here is a picture of my youngest son Gabriel sporting the new Gro Baby diaper in color kiwi at the middle setting. The Gro baby is also becoming one of our favorite diapers. Since we have started using these diapers (approx. 3 months now) we have only had one leak ever and it was with one that had only been washed once so wasn't absorbing enough yet and it was during a long car ride with our oldest son. Even night time for both our sons - no leaks for 12 hours! What a great diaper!

Looking forward to your comments.

We wish you a great week!
Warm regards,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Larger Nellie's detergent and Monkey Doodlez wipes solution cubes are now at Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Hello everyone

If you ask, you shall receive! Many of you have asked us in the past if we can carry the larger size Nellie's laundry soda as well as the Monkey Doodlez wipes solution cubes. We have finally added both of these items to our inventory. Now you can purchase the Nellie's soda in both the 50 loads and the 120 loads packaging. Save more when you purchase the larger container.

We have also added the Monkey Doodlez cloth wipes solution cubes. These are loved my many! One small jar can make up to 25 gallons of wipes solution! You should have plenty for a long time!
Check both of these products out on our website under diapering accessories or by following this link:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

We wish you all a great week!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are back to active blogging!

Hello everyone!

After almost over 1 year of neglecting our blog, we have decided it was time we get back to it and use it as we had intended! Instead of regularly updating the section "latest news" of our store website we have decided to place our blog link in that section. All new updates as well as any information or discussions will now be found in our blog. This way you can find out about all of the latest products and news about our store as well as find great information or discussions at the same place! Let us know what you think.

Since we haven't posted anything in a while, I decided I would make this post a brief summary of any recent changes. Here goes ...

New products
We have been pretty busy lately in adding new products that we love to our store. Here is a list of our newest additions. We also plan to blog about some of these products seperately to give you more details as to why we love them so much.

Thirsties Duo Wrap - easy to use and easier on your wallet with only two sizes that will cover your baby from birth all the way to potty-learning.

Gro Baby Diapers - they are finally here and are selling fast!! We just adore these diapers. Check out the All-In-One section of our website for more details. We also sell the GroBaby sampler package and the Gro Baby Complete set which you can find in our Diaper Pakcages section.

SNAPS! - bumGenius one-size organic AIO diapers are now available with snaps closure instead of velcro. All new stock will have snaps. We also still have a very limited number of diapers with velcro closures left in you are a fan of velcro.

Magic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment - Safe for cloth diapers and rated as #1 diaper ointment on Diaper Pin Product Reviews. Super easy to use stick - no messy hands! We love to use this product on both our sons. Great as a barrier ointment and for use on minor skin irritations.

Organic Heiny Wash from Happy Heinys - Wonderful to use with clothwipes and on the go. Leave one in your diaper bag and spray it on your baby's bum with every diaper change then wipe with a cloth wipe of kleenex. Great all natural ingredients to condition the skin.

Baby Carriers - We have added our 3 favortie baby carriers to our store. Both the Maman Kangourou Stretchy wrap (which is our #1 choice), the Maman Kangourou pouch and the FreeHand Mei Tai Carrier. Go to our website for more details. If you have any questions as to which one to choose, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose what will work best for you and your baby!

Other Great Baby Items - We have recently added several baby items that we love! Check out this section of our store for more details. Among these you will find ... Ringley All Natural Teether, Pippalily Toy Strap (we love this!), Babywrappers, some great Plush and Bamboo Perlimpinpin sleep sacs and blankets that you will fall in love with and the Nurser in Training shirt and beanie (so cute!). We also have a great gift set that includes several of this producst as a package at a discount price.

And last but not least, we have recently added a Gently Used section to our store. This section includes gently used diapers and accessories mostly used with our own children. This is a great way to save abit of money on products that you would like to try before investing in a larger amount. Let us know if you have any questions about these products.

Ok I think I've said enough for now. We are excited to bring other new products very soon that we have been testing and researching.

Also stay tuned for various interesting discussions that we are planning on our blog about cloth diapers, family, children, living green and much more!

Subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates or visit our website regularly to see what's new.

We also would love any comments, questions, suggestions of products, etc.

We hope that you are all enjoying your summer and spending as much time as possible with your precious little one!