Monday, July 26, 2010

Cloth Diapers at night, it is possible!

Cloth diapering at night is actually one of my favourite diapering moments. When I say that, people look at me like I am nuts! Keep these tips in mind when figuring out what works for your little one.

First, keep your baby’s age in mind. A newborn is going to wake up more frequently throughout the night, so it is more important at this stage to have a diaper that is EASY to change in the dark and when mom and dad are tired. My favourites are pockets or all-in-one diapers that allow for extra absorbency to be added as the baby sleeps longer and wets more.

Secondly, go for longevity. As your baby sleeps longer (you will want to as well), or once you make the decision to not change your baby through the night (usually once your baby stops pooping at night) make sure you have a diaper that is going to last as long as your baby sleeps – or heck, even longer! It may not be cute, and may be the infamous cloth diaper “bubble but”, but if that’s what you need to keep your baby dry for the night, that is what must happen! It may not be your prettiest diaper, and may even be a pink diaper for your son, but nobody else is peeking in your little ones diaper at night, so don’t worry about it!  My favorite night time conbination is a bamboo fitted diaper with a well covering cover (see pictures below).

Thirdly, remember to be flexible. Each child is different and may need to use a different combination or even style of diaper at night, so be flexible and try something new if you are having a hard time keeping your baby dry at night. You may have to give up your favourite daytime diaper for an alternative at night.  If you wash every 2 days, I recommend you have a total of 3 night time diapers or 4 if you wash every 3rd day.

Here are pictures of my favorite combinations for both my boys ...
overtop a Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitted diaper

Wonder Wrap Cover

Bear Bottom Night weight Fleece Cover by Dancing Bears
overtop a DryBees Gone Natural fitted diaper

Bear Bottom Night weight Fleece Cover by Dancing Bears
Sustainablebabyish organic knit wool cover
over a Goodmama bamboo velour fitted diaper
Sustainablebabyish organic stretch wool cover

Happy Night Time Diapering!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun Activities for Toddlers in the Summer!

Summer is a great time to spend outdoors with children. There is something about fresh air and the sun that rejuvenates everybody!

Here is a list of fun activities that toddlers will love to do:

• Fill a bucket of water with soap and a rag and let them wash your car or vehicle tires (my 2.5 year old loves this!)

• Run through the sprinkler

• Fill up water balloons and tie a mismatched sock around the balloon and play catch! That way when it breaks all the pieces stay in the sock!

• Have a picnic outside under a tree or at the beach

• Start an Ant Farm

• Collect bugs in a jar and observe them

• Lay in the grass and look at the clouds finding different shapes – then finger paint the ones you see

• Play any type of sport outside they may not have played before: Frisbee, badminton, hacky-sack

• Make a cabin outside with old sheets, lawn chairs, tables and sip lemonade while snacking on homemade granola bars or oatmeal cookies

• Get an old fish tank from a garage sale and fill it with a new summer theme each week. You can decorate it inside and out!

• Visit a local museum

• Go for a hike or nature walk and pretend you are Explorers – take pictures and books to reference what you find on your walk

• Blow Bubbles and have your toddler chase them

But best of all ... it is your love and attention they desire and nothing else. Happy Summer everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Protecting your baby from the sun (0-12 months)

Children love being outdoors during the summer months, but it is so important to teach them sun safety from a young age. This will ensure they continue healthy habits of protecting themselves from the harmful rays as they get older, reducing their risk of early aging and skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology states that 80% of our lifetime exposure to the sun happens before the age of 18 years, thereby making it very important to teach our children sun safety from an early age. In addition, you also are protecting your child from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Most mainstream sunscreen’s say to consult your doctor to use on children under six months of age, and sometimes even one year. So what is a parent to do? Well, your child’s best protection is limited or no sun exposure during the peak times when the sun’s rays have the most UV-ultraviolet light. However, many children’s awake and fun times are during this time, so follow these quick and easy tips as a reminder to keep your baby safe:

- Keep your child well hydrated with a bottle of water or frequent nursing’s throughout the day;

- Always have a hat on your baby. If they won’t keep a hat on, consider a different style of hat, or using a canopy or sun shade where the baby is sitting, playing or sleeping outdoors;

- Dress your baby in UV clothing in addition to keeping them in the shade

- If you need a Natural Sun Protection Cream that is safe for baby consider our Substance Natural Sun Care Creme for baby as an option

Be Safe and have fun this summer!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Photo Contest 2010 - winners!

Hi everyone

I am really sorry for not announcing this sooner but it has been a crazy week for me and I am just getting aournd to this.

First, I'd like to thank eveyone who particiapted in the contest.  The response was amazing and with your help, you have definitely helped my fanpage and business get more recognition.  All of the pictures were so cute and I love looking at them when you e-mail them to me.  The contest was a lot of fun and it is quite unfortunate that I had to end it early due to politics.

I am aware that many of you spent a lot of time and energy in getting in your votes, and I really do appreciate your competitiveness and help.

Second, thank you for everyone who sent in their comments and suggestions in helping me decide on the best way to end this photo contest fairly.

The lucky winners of the Summer Photo Contest 2010 are ...

Winner #1 with 229 votes!
Prize: $150 gift certificate to Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Winner #2 with 213 votes!
Little boy Eric
Prize: Summer Gift Pack (includes 1 Bummis Swim Diaper, 1 JamTots Wetbag, 1 iPlay Solid Flap Sun Protection Hat, and 1 Natural Sun Care Creme)

Winner #3 with 194 votes!
Jaysen and Jordyn
Prize: $25 gift certificate to Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Winner #4 with 151 votes!
Prize: $25 gift certificate to Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Congratulations to all 4 winners, I will be contacting you by e-mail over the weekend about your prize.

But also ... congratulations to all of you who participated.  We are all so lucky to have such beautiful, healthy children!  I hope you all spend a fun summer with them.  Let's enjoy them as they grow up so quickly and these precious times will soon be part of the past.

Take care.