Monday, January 11, 2010

My shopping spree at Ottawa Cloth Diapers!

OK so after cloth diapering 2 boys in a span of over 2 years now, and after testing many many cloth diapering products as well as many other baby products I thought I would share with you what I would purchase if I were to walk into my own store knowing what I know now.

First let me start off by saying that all of the products I carry I have liked and used on my own kids. Any products tested that don't meet my family's needs, I do not add to my store. However, that said, if I did not own a cloth diaper store, I probably would not have all of these products in my home :) So if I were to walk into my store right now, here is what I would purchase.

In the cloth diapering section of my store

My daytime diapers would be a mix of ...

1) 10 Fuzzi Bunz One-Size Pocket Diapers

2) 8 Annie Marie Padorie Stay Dry All-In-One Diapers

3) 6 Thirsties Duo Pocket Diapers

My night time diapers would be a mix of ...

1) 2 Sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fitted diaper

2) 1 Bamboozle fitted diaper

3) 2 Stacinator So Simple Covers

4) 1 Sustainablebabyish knit wool covers (coming soon to my store!)

5) 1 Bear Bottom Night Weight Fleece Cover

6) 2 Motherease Absorbent bamboo liners for extra absorbency in the bamboozle diaper as needed

My choice of diapering accessories would be ...

1) 12 Annie Marie Padorie Microfleece Liners (for my night time diapers to keep skin dry)

2 Bummis Biosoft disposable liners (to use at daycare)

3) 2 Wahmies Diaper Pail liners to store soiled diapers

4) 2-3 wetbags for outings and for daycare use (1 JamTots or Fuzzi Bunz wetbags and 1 Planetwise wet/dry bag)

5) Nellie's Laundry detergent (100 loads)

6) Eucalan no rinse wool wash for my wool covers

7) Magic Stick All Natural Ointment

8) 2 packs of Fuzzi Bunz Wonder Wipes

9) bumGenius bottom cleaner (for my diaper bag)

10) Fuzzi Bunz changing pad (for my diaper bag)

1) 2 Monkey Doodlez swim diapers

In the baby/Mama section of my store

For other baby and Mam products I would definitely get the following ...
1) All Natural baby brush (for my babies delicate head from 0-12months)

2) 2 Peppa Tino dolls (1 for home and 1 for daycare)

3) Pippalily toy strap (very handy to strap any toys to your stroller, carseat, etc).

4) Baltic Amber Teething necklace

5) 2 of each Perlimpinpin Sleep sacs (deluxe plush for fall/winter and the bamboo for spring/summer) - I adore these!!

6) Maman Kangourou Stretchy Wrap baby carrier (my ultimate favorite carrier for front carries from newborn until approx. 25lbs!)

7) 4 packs of Motherease bamboo breast pads (love, love, love these!!)

8) MoboLeez breastfeeding hat (so adorable!)

9) Mommy Necklace - dangling donut

Ok, that's it!! I guess I would have a pretty big bill :) Actually my total if I bought all of the above would be approx. $1500 which is still a lot cheaper than buying disposable diapers for one child! So I would be able to sleep soundly at night without any guilt (at least for this shopping spree :)

Good night everyone ...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Photo Contest 2010!

To start off the New Year we have decided to have a bit of fun by running a photo contest! We'd love to see pictures of your children.

There will be 3 winners. Each winner will receive a gift certificate to be used on any products purchased at Ottawa Cloth Diapers.
Prize #1 - $25 gift certificate
Prize #2 - $15 gift certificate
Prize #3 - $10 gift certificate

How to enter:
Send me your picture with the name and age of your child by e-mail at I will be posting all contest pictures onto the Ottawa Cloth Diapers Facebook FanPage under a new picture album called Photo Contest 2010.

The deadline to submit your picture is January 31, 2010.
You can only send one picture per child.

Once pictures are posted in the photo album, fans will be able to vote on the pictures they like best by choosing the "Like" option at the bottom of the picture. The 3 pictures that obtain the most votes by February 15, 2010 at midnight will be our winners! You can encourage your friends and family to vote for your picture.

The more pictures and votes, the more fun so tell your friends and family about this contest.

Good luck everyone. I can't wait to see all the cute pictures!

If you have any questions about the contest, please do not hesitate to contact us.