Friday, February 11, 2011

Pre-kindergarden Registration

My Angel, sleeping on Christmas Eve.
My oldest son Caleb is turning 4 in September and it is already time to register him for pre-kindergarden!   I can't believe how time flies.  He is the reason I started this cloth diaper business in the first place and not I am shopping around for schools already. 

There are really only 2 options I am considering.  Where I live, we have 2 french schools, one public, one catholic.  One is old and one is newer.  One is smaller (approx. 200 students in total) and the other one is bigger (approx. 600 students).  Last evening I went to the smaller school's information session and was quite impressed.  Next week will be the other school's info session and then I have to make a decision.  Although we can always change our mind, my goal would be to stay in the same school until he is done 8th grade and not have to move him to another school because I realize I made the wrong choice. 

Just thinking about him going to school brings tears to my eyes.  His education and social integration is so important and I want to look at every aspects before making a decision.

For any of you who have had to make this decision or will have to in the future, what would be important aspects that you would consider in making your choice?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.