Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aplix (Velcro) or Snaps Closure on Diapers, what is best?

A common question from parents who are looking to purchase cloth diapers is whether they should purchase diapers with aplix (or more commonly known as Velcro) or with snaps closure. The answer is ... it depends :)

Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of each closure option to help you make a decision.

is very adjustable, fast and easy. Most Daddies and babysitters will prefer aplix over snaps. However, some babies learn how to undo aplix (although some will also undo snaps). Aplix tend to wear off over time. When putting your dirty diapers in your laundry bag, make sure you use the aplix laundry tabs to prevent it to sticking onto other fabrics. If the laundry tabs come undone with your wash or dry cycle, consider purchasing a strip of aplix (the loop part) and cut them in squares that you can add to the hook (teeth part of your aplix) before placing your soiled diapers in the wash. This way you will for sure protect your other diapers from catching onto any aplix in the wash.

are not as adjustable and take a bit longer too fasten which can be tricky for those babies on the move. They tend to last longer than aplix (especially since most companies offer a lifetime warranty on snaps). If you want your diapers to last for more than one child, you might consider choosing snaps over aplix. The other option however is you can replace your worn out aplix easily once it is worn out.

Another option is to purchase a bit of both. This way you have the advantage of both closure system in your diaper stash. Some cloth diaper companies offer the same diapers with either fastening system (ex: Happy Heinys One-Size Pocket Diaper, Gro Baby One-Size Diaper (in vanilla only for snap option)

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  1. I have both & overall I prefer snaps. They last longer & look nicer & my little guy can't take off his diapers with snap closures, but he does when they have aplix.