Monday, November 8, 2010

Elimination Communication Series: Part 2 - How to do it?

Last week we discussed briefly what is Elimination Communication.  In this second part of this 3 part series on the topic, we will discuss how you can actually put Elimincation to practice.

The wonderful thing about EC’ing is that there is no wrong way to do it. You can practice it full-time or part-time or just occasionally. You will find many indicators to measure you and your child’s success based on what you feel is important to your family. There are different ways to get started, and you can start at any age for your child. It is sometimes easier to start with the first ‘pee’ or ‘poop’ of the day as a starting point. You can offer potty time right in the morning. You can play, sing and sit on the potty. The older children can even get right in there and read to the youngest on the potty, it can become a family time :)!

It is very helpful to have an area set up with the things you need. At a young age of under three months you only need a small bowl or measuring cup, one that is clear and with a handle will make it much easier to tell when your child voids. As a child gets older you will want easy access to their bum, so split pants, cloth diapers with leg warmers or even just leg warmers and a long shirt to cover their bum. Once the child is mobile, you may want to have an area that is for diaper free time, depending on the set up of your home and how easy it would be to clean up any potty “misses”. Alternatively to diaper free time, is a time where your child wears a fitted diaper with no cover so you can tell when they have voided. If your older child is playing and then stops, you can go over and feel the diaper to see if they are ‘peeing’ and even say “oh, you’re peeing!”. This will help to create an awareness and communication between the two of you without making any mess on the floor. You will learn your child’s body language and even facial expressions, which can be communicated even when you are out in public to keep that communication going.

Like mentioned above, there are no wrong wau to do it.  Just do what feels comfortable for your and your family.

The last part of this series will go through a success story on EC'g a child.

Have a great week!


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