Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our favorite diaper!

Hello everyone

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Unfortunately it is already over - time to get back to work! I decided that for this week's post I would try to answer one question that I often get from my customers. "What is your favorite diaper?"

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by my customers is "What is your favorite diaper?" I find that hard to answer because it all depends on when and where and on which child I am using the diaper for. But here is an attempt to answer the question for you ...

In general, my favorite daytime diapers are pocket and All-In-Ones. AIO's are super practical when we go out or when my eldest son goes to daycare. However because they take longer to dry, I use a mix of pocket and All-In-Ones during the day this way I always have pocket diapers ready when my AIO's are still drying.

If I were to pick a favorite pocket diaper, for my oldest son (22 months) it would be the bumGenius one-size pocket. It lasts us 3-4 hours and is very reliable with very rarely any leaks. My favorite pocket diaper for our youngest son (4.5 months) would be the Annie Marie Padorie sized duo pocket (I'm not a big fan of one-size diapers until the child is at least 15 pounds and more). I love the AMP with a bamboo insert, it is so trim. And I really like adjusting the leg and waist with the snap closures.

My favorite AIO for both our sons is the AMP stay dry AIO. It is just such a great fit, it is very reliable for 3-4 hours with no leaks and it doesn't take that long to dry compared to other AIO's.

Now for night time, my ultimate favorite diaper for both our sons is a Bamboozle fitted diaper with a Stacinator So Simple cover. Both our boys can last 12-13hours in this combination with no leaks! Even better than a disposable (yuk!). It is just an awesome combination. I love the bamboo fabric as it is a all natural fabric, breathable and anti-bacterial which makes it great for being on a baby for so long. The So Simple cover's fleece bands at the thighs and waist guarantees me no red marks on my sons' skin and super coverage on top of any fitted diaper. This cover is my FAVORITE cover for night time even better than wool which we also use for night time (stay tuned for new wool products coming to our store soon!).

So in "short" those are my favorite diapers. However I love variety so I use all of the diapers that are sold in our store PLUS others that I have tried/tested. We are constantly trying out new products for the store so we have many other diapers in our stash. Some we are planning on adding into the store soon and others that we have decided were not worth it for various reasons.
Hopefully you have also found your favorite diaper. I always tell my customers that even if I adore diaper x it does not mean they will also like it. Every child is different. To sum up this post, we would LOVE to hear from you about what works best for your family whether it is something that we sell or not. We are always open to new products so please share!

I wanted to share a picture of one of my sons wearing one of the above diapers but I coudn't find any and they are both in bed :) so here is a picture of my youngest son Gabriel sporting the new Gro Baby diaper in color kiwi at the middle setting. The Gro baby is also becoming one of our favorite diapers. Since we have started using these diapers (approx. 3 months now) we have only had one leak ever and it was with one that had only been washed once so wasn't absorbing enough yet and it was during a long car ride with our oldest son. Even night time for both our sons - no leaks for 12 hours! What a great diaper!

Looking forward to your comments.

We wish you a great week!
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