Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are back to active blogging!

Hello everyone!

After almost over 1 year of neglecting our blog, we have decided it was time we get back to it and use it as we had intended! Instead of regularly updating the section "latest news" of our store website we have decided to place our blog link in that section. All new updates as well as any information or discussions will now be found in our blog. This way you can find out about all of the latest products and news about our store as well as find great information or discussions at the same place! Let us know what you think.

Since we haven't posted anything in a while, I decided I would make this post a brief summary of any recent changes. Here goes ...

New products
We have been pretty busy lately in adding new products that we love to our store. Here is a list of our newest additions. We also plan to blog about some of these products seperately to give you more details as to why we love them so much.

Thirsties Duo Wrap - easy to use and easier on your wallet with only two sizes that will cover your baby from birth all the way to potty-learning.

Gro Baby Diapers - they are finally here and are selling fast!! We just adore these diapers. Check out the All-In-One section of our website for more details. We also sell the GroBaby sampler package and the Gro Baby Complete set which you can find in our Diaper Pakcages section.

SNAPS! - bumGenius one-size organic AIO diapers are now available with snaps closure instead of velcro. All new stock will have snaps. We also still have a very limited number of diapers with velcro closures left in you are a fan of velcro.

Magic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment - Safe for cloth diapers and rated as #1 diaper ointment on Diaper Pin Product Reviews. Super easy to use stick - no messy hands! We love to use this product on both our sons. Great as a barrier ointment and for use on minor skin irritations.

Organic Heiny Wash from Happy Heinys - Wonderful to use with clothwipes and on the go. Leave one in your diaper bag and spray it on your baby's bum with every diaper change then wipe with a cloth wipe of kleenex. Great all natural ingredients to condition the skin.

Baby Carriers - We have added our 3 favortie baby carriers to our store. Both the Maman Kangourou Stretchy wrap (which is our #1 choice), the Maman Kangourou pouch and the FreeHand Mei Tai Carrier. Go to our website for more details. If you have any questions as to which one to choose, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose what will work best for you and your baby!

Other Great Baby Items - We have recently added several baby items that we love! Check out this section of our store for more details. Among these you will find ... Ringley All Natural Teether, Pippalily Toy Strap (we love this!), Babywrappers, some great Plush and Bamboo Perlimpinpin sleep sacs and blankets that you will fall in love with and the Nurser in Training shirt and beanie (so cute!). We also have a great gift set that includes several of this producst as a package at a discount price.

And last but not least, we have recently added a Gently Used section to our store. This section includes gently used diapers and accessories mostly used with our own children. This is a great way to save abit of money on products that you would like to try before investing in a larger amount. Let us know if you have any questions about these products.

Ok I think I've said enough for now. We are excited to bring other new products very soon that we have been testing and researching.

Also stay tuned for various interesting discussions that we are planning on our blog about cloth diapers, family, children, living green and much more!

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We hope that you are all enjoying your summer and spending as much time as possible with your precious little one!


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