Friday, October 2, 2009

My Fuzzi Bunz Saga

It has been a while since our last post as we have had a couple of very crazy weeks!! However tonight I am sitting down to share with you my Fuzzi Bunz saga. Here goes ...

Ottawa Cloth Diapers is finally carrying Fuzzi Bunz products. When I started my cloth diaper store I decided not to carry Fuzzi Bunz just because I had to limit the number of products to begin with. I was already carrying other similar pocket diapers such as Happy Heinys and bumGenius so I figured that was enough to start with. I had the occasional customer ask about Fuzzi Bunz but that was it.

A few months into the business I considered retailing Fuzzi Bunz but I had heard a few negative comments about the company so I decided not to apply for an account, plus at that time the US currency exchange was getting high so I was happy to find new Canadian products instead.

A couple of months ago when Fuzzi Bunz came out with their One-Size pocket diaper I considered applying for an account again. Before making a decision, I decided to order a one-size Fuzzi Bunz from another retailer to try it out with my sons first. I received the diaper by mail and my immeidate thought was - what a big diaper! This could never fit a newborn. Then after opening the diaper and looking at the elastic adjusting system I was overwhelmed and thought there is no way I will have time to adjust this diaper between both my sons. That was it, I did not even try the diaper instead I decided to return it for a refund. Around that same time I heard more negative rumors about the company and comments around the high shipping rates plus I knew that the diapers were now being manufactured in China so I was happy with my decision not to carry them even though the company had accepted my application for an account. I could not imagine trying to sell a diaper that I did not even want to try on my own kids.

In the following weeks I had many many customers ask me whether I carried Fuzzi Bunz or whether I was planning on adding these products to my store. So I finally caved in and decided that if my customers wanted these diapers than I should listen to them. I also needed to keep up with the competition as most retailers carry Fuzzi Bunz. So I contacted the company again hoping that they would still accept me as a retailer. Thankfully they did.

Let me tell you now how wrong I was about these diapers and the company!! I received the products this week. Shipping was fast, easy and the people I have dealt with so far at Fuzzi Bunz have all been very nice and helpful!

I tried the perfect size pocket diaper first on my 2 year old son. The diaper was a great fit, was absorbent enough to last him through his afternoon nap with no leaks and did not leave any marks on his skin (my son has very sensitive skin). I also love the hip snaps that adjusts the leg opening seperately from the waist snaps. And I really like the fact that the size medium will fit both my 7 month old (17lbs)and my skinny 2 year old (25lbs).

Now lets talk about the one-size Fuzzi Bunz diaper. This is the same diaper if you recall that I returned to the retailer without even trying it first thinking I would just hate this diaper! Was I ever wrong!! What an awesome diaper! First it took me a good 5-10 minutes to adjust the sizing with the leg elastics and the waist elastics for my 7 month old son. So for sure this is not a diaper that I will be adjusting between both my sons as it would be too time consuming. However the fit is amazing as it can be customized to the perfect fit for every baby. Even though the diaper looks big it shrinks down to this tiny diaper that will fit your newborn. Much less bulky than other one-size that I have tried.

I have since tried the diaper on both my boys without any leaks and a great TRIM fit for both of them. Now I have to say that the one I originally returned was one of their first one-size version that did not have the hip snaps and was a bit different than the newest version that has been tweaked to perfection since then. Another great added bonus of this diaper is that it comes with a set of replacement elastics if you ever need to replace worned down elastics which happens frequently with one-size diapers as they get a lot of wear and tear. Also, Fuzzi Bunz offers a lifetime warranty on their snaps! With extra elasatics and lifetime snaps, you have much better chances that this diaper will last you from birth to potty training and even for more than one child!

So to sum up this very long story, I just wanted to share with you that I was very wrong about Fuzzi Bunz and that I am very happy (and even excited) that I have finally decided to carry (and try) their products. It just goes to show you that sometimes we are influenced by others and we make decisions based on rumors or wrong information.

Fuzzi Bunz were the pionneer of the pocket diaper and they continue to bring us great innovative diapering products. Ottawa Cloth Diapers is also carrying the Fuzzi Bunz changing pad and will be adding their super soft Fuzzi Bunz wipes (which I am using right now and really like!).

For more information on the Fuzzi Bunz perfect size and one-size diapers, visit our website at this link:

They have many great colors to choose from plus a few new prints.

Hopefully you will like these diapers as much as we do! Please share your comments, I would love to hear from anyone who has tried or is planning to try these diapers.

Thank you to my customers who have kept asking about these diapers because I don't think I would have decided to carry them if I wasn't asked so many times about Fuzzi Bunz!

Have a great weekend!

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