Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wool Part 2 - Types of wool products for cloth diapers

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween. Weather around here was not that great but it got much better late afternoon and no bad weather can stop the little "monsters" from trick-or-treating!

Continuing with our wool discussion from 2 weeks ago, here are the types of wool products that are available as well as a little bit on the differences in types of wool and knits that you can find.

Wool products for cloth diapers available:

1) Wool soakers

Soakers are usually one piece pull-on covers.

2) Wool shorties
Shorties are exactly that, shorts. So a little longer than soakers but shorter than longies :) They can be used as a cover but also as clothing.

3) Wool longies
Longies are actually wool pants. These can be used as a cloth diaper cover but also as clothing.

4) Wool wraps
Wraps are similar to regular diaper covers you use for cloth diapers that close with either snaps or velcro.

5) Other
You can find other original wool products that are related to cloth diapers such as overalls, sleep sacks, wool tote bags, and more.

Types of knit and wool

As you browse the internet for wool products you will find many types of wool and knits available to you. Some products are hand knit, other are machine made. Some common wool fabrics used are wool flannel, wool jersey, and wool interlock.

Some products are made out of organic wool as others are not. Some are natural and many are dyed. Some products are made out of 1 layer and others have two layers (making it an even better choice for night time protection). Some products are also made from recycled wool such as old wool sweaters.

Most wool products are handwash only but there are some that are machine washable on the gentle cycle.

All of this to say that the possibilities are endless. There is something for every baby's needs.

Look for new wool products coming your way at Ottawa Cloth Diapers in the near future.

Currently we carry the beautiful Sustainablebabyish wool soakers and longies as well as Eucalan no rinse wool wash.

I'd love to hear from any of you about any wool products that you use with your babies.

Good night all!

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