Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat Giveaway

What's a MoBoleez Hat? ... and what makes them so special?

MoBoleez hats are the only hats designed specially for the breastfeeding baby and mom. Covers the breast, not the breastfeeding! The "stay on head sideways" design means that once the hat is on, it'll stay on, and no more fussing with dropping blankets or awkward, bulky 'nursing covers'. While the big brim gives mom a little privacy, it doesn't cover up the breastfeeding, it celebrates it in a fun sort of way!

Fun illustrations on the top
MoBoleez hats come with illustrations for the top of baby's head (visible when breastfeeding of course!). The cute pictures on top with their lighthearted messages ("Milky Way", "Bee-licious", Café au Lait, etc.) all convey the message that the MoBoleez mom is a proud breastfeeding babe, with a sense of humour and style!

Great Selection of Designs and Colours!
MoBoleez hats come in pink, blue, green, cream and red colours, and a variety of whimsical designs. Click to see Available Designs.


Made of all-natural, super soft blend of cotton/bamboo fibres (60% cotton, 40% bamboo).

Come packaged in a small vinyl hat bag. Reminiscent of a classic '50's hat bag, the package is cute, sophisticated and practical.

Makes a great baby shower gift!

Made in Canada!

Fabric Care
MoBoleez hats are easy to care for. Simply machine wash in a gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or dry clean.

0-6 months - this size fits a baby from birth to about 6 months. With a newborn, they'll have room to grow. Head circumference is 16 inches.
6-12 months - this size fits a baby from about 6 months to 1 year old. Head circumference is 19 inches.

For the month of November only, you can save 10% off any in stock MoBoleez Nursing Hats at Ottawa Cloth Diapers. These make a great gift for any breastfeeding mom.

We are also giving away one MoBoleez Nursing Hat to one lucky reader. You can enter your name 4 times to win by doing the following:

1) Add a comment to this blogpost by telling us which hat design is your favorite
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3) Join our Facebook Fanpage (if you already a fan, add a comment on my fanpage)
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The deadline to enter the draw is November 30th. We will annouce the lucky winner at the beginning of December.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. "The Milky Way" is my favorite - too cute! What a great idea.

  2. My favourite is the "Milky way" :) I already follow you on twitter.


  3. Hi,

    I love 'The Milky Way' design.
    - already subscribe to this blog before
    - send my comment through facebook
    - already follow on twitter before and just tweet about this giveaway.
    I hope I can win :D

  4. Hi,
    i fall in love with the 'Bee-licious' design :)it's really cute and of course..really practical for the mother and the baby.Hope i can get one from you :)

  5. The bee-licious in cream is my favorite

  6. Bee Licious is my favorite! I am also on your facebook page!

  7. i like 'mmmm' in pink.. :)


  8. I like "The Milky Way" and "Bee-licious" - both are SO cute!

    Joining your Facebook group now!

  9. I like the Bee licious design the best, although all of them are so cute! What a great idea!

  10. I loove the milky way design! Would love to see my soon-to-be little guy with it on!! ;)

  11. I like the Milky Way the best too! Became a fan on facebook and subscribed to your blog!