Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Photo Contest 2010 - winners!

Hi everyone

I am really sorry for not announcing this sooner but it has been a crazy week for me and I am just getting aournd to this.

First, I'd like to thank eveyone who particiapted in the contest.  The response was amazing and with your help, you have definitely helped my fanpage and business get more recognition.  All of the pictures were so cute and I love looking at them when you e-mail them to me.  The contest was a lot of fun and it is quite unfortunate that I had to end it early due to politics.

I am aware that many of you spent a lot of time and energy in getting in your votes, and I really do appreciate your competitiveness and help.

Second, thank you for everyone who sent in their comments and suggestions in helping me decide on the best way to end this photo contest fairly.

The lucky winners of the Summer Photo Contest 2010 are ...

Winner #1 with 229 votes!
Prize: $150 gift certificate to Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Winner #2 with 213 votes!
Little boy Eric
Prize: Summer Gift Pack (includes 1 Bummis Swim Diaper, 1 JamTots Wetbag, 1 iPlay Solid Flap Sun Protection Hat, and 1 Natural Sun Care Creme)

Winner #3 with 194 votes!
Jaysen and Jordyn
Prize: $25 gift certificate to Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Winner #4 with 151 votes!
Prize: $25 gift certificate to Ottawa Cloth Diapers

Congratulations to all 4 winners, I will be contacting you by e-mail over the weekend about your prize.

But also ... congratulations to all of you who participated.  We are all so lucky to have such beautiful, healthy children!  I hope you all spend a fun summer with them.  Let's enjoy them as they grow up so quickly and these precious times will soon be part of the past.

Take care.

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