Monday, July 26, 2010

Cloth Diapers at night, it is possible!

Cloth diapering at night is actually one of my favourite diapering moments. When I say that, people look at me like I am nuts! Keep these tips in mind when figuring out what works for your little one.

First, keep your baby’s age in mind. A newborn is going to wake up more frequently throughout the night, so it is more important at this stage to have a diaper that is EASY to change in the dark and when mom and dad are tired. My favourites are pockets or all-in-one diapers that allow for extra absorbency to be added as the baby sleeps longer and wets more.

Secondly, go for longevity. As your baby sleeps longer (you will want to as well), or once you make the decision to not change your baby through the night (usually once your baby stops pooping at night) make sure you have a diaper that is going to last as long as your baby sleeps – or heck, even longer! It may not be cute, and may be the infamous cloth diaper “bubble but”, but if that’s what you need to keep your baby dry for the night, that is what must happen! It may not be your prettiest diaper, and may even be a pink diaper for your son, but nobody else is peeking in your little ones diaper at night, so don’t worry about it!  My favorite night time conbination is a bamboo fitted diaper with a well covering cover (see pictures below).

Thirdly, remember to be flexible. Each child is different and may need to use a different combination or even style of diaper at night, so be flexible and try something new if you are having a hard time keeping your baby dry at night. You may have to give up your favourite daytime diaper for an alternative at night.  If you wash every 2 days, I recommend you have a total of 3 night time diapers or 4 if you wash every 3rd day.

Here are pictures of my favorite combinations for both my boys ...
overtop a Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitted diaper

Wonder Wrap Cover

Bear Bottom Night weight Fleece Cover by Dancing Bears
overtop a DryBees Gone Natural fitted diaper

Bear Bottom Night weight Fleece Cover by Dancing Bears
Sustainablebabyish organic knit wool cover
over a Goodmama bamboo velour fitted diaper
Sustainablebabyish organic stretch wool cover

Happy Night Time Diapering!


  1. Your pink diaper comment made me chuckle...I have 3 pink diapers that were given to me by a friend and I use them at night for my son!

  2. What a great post!!! I never understand why people are so afraid to cloth diaper at night. If you want your baby in something soft and safe during the day, why not for the 12hrs overnight? I actually think it's less likely that you'll have leaks if you have a great cover and very absorbent diaper.
    Our go-to diaper right now for overnight and afternoon naps is the Flip cover, Flip stay dry insert over a Happy Heiny hemp stuffin. By morning even the stuffin is soaked but never any leaks!
    I think we might try wool soon. I just bought a Luxe soaker second hand. We'll see how that goes. :)

  3. Yes, I only have flip covers and I use stay dry plus a hemp liner at night. It gives us 10-12 hours sleep. Sometimes I put two stay dry together, kind of bulky looking, but my daughter sleeps happy.